Every piece is conceived as an element that is unifying the architects, challenging them, and linking them around a theme and an object conceived as an installation, an artwork, and as a project that can transform a space, a living, and a presence at the same time.

The selected architects are invited to design a carpet conceived as an important spatial element of the interior landscape. Each carpet, different in their design and format, reflect the singular viewpoint of the architect on the complex and fascinating theme of the Golden Section.


The Architects will use the Golden Section as the tool to establish their proposal. In this way the carpets will be different in their designs and formats, but at the

same time, they will be capable to give a unique character to the entire collection.

This ratio – 1:1.61 – occurs over and over again in nature. It is found in everything from the shape of our universe, the structure of clouds, and even the proportions of the human body.

This number arises as the solution to the problem of subdividing a rectangle into a square x2 and a remaining, smaller rectangle that is similar to (i.e. has the same aspect ratio as) the original large rectangle.


ARTinD Collection aims to invite every year a selected group of Architects to design and conceive a unique carpet on the Golden Section.

Each Edition will be sold during PHILLIPS Design Auction in London and New York. For each design we will produce:

•A prototype for the architect •A Phillips Sales item

•An ARTinD Archives item.

With each sale, an archive is formed and creating the first archive of unique design objects form the world’s foremost architects. These pieces are then exhibited globally, as loans to international Museum and Art Foundations.


ARTinD architects are invited to dialogue on the relation between ART and ARCHITECTURE with artists such as Antony Gormley and Rolf Sachs.


Phillips was founded in London in 1796 by Harry Phillips, formerly senior clerk to James Christie. In October 2008, Mercury Group, the luxury retail company, acquired majority share of Phillips de Pury & Company to further enable the company’s expansion, including the opening of its flagship galleries at 450 Park Avenue.

Phillips’ DESIGN DEPARTMENT offers exceptional examples of 20th and 21st century design including both functional furniture and conceptual works. The department has introduced highly successful and innovative new categories to the design auction market including contemporary ceramics and architectural works.

Phillips Design realized its highest totals ever in 2013 and won market share from its competitors in both London and New York due to vigorous international bidding by new and existing clients from North and South America, Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. Phillips Design posted year-over-year growth in each of the last six years—the only house to do so—and more than doubled its global sold total during a financially challenging period.